Wonder What Kind of Tiara...

The indispensable Crooks & Liars pointed Lulu to this fascinating article by Elizabeth A. Castelli about that conference about the "War on Christians" at which Tom DeLay recently whined.

In the article, Castelli offers a summary report about all kinds of things on the minds of these post-Millenial Christian soldiers, including:
  • How "academic programs in theatre, film, and performance studies [are] hotbeds of secular and sexual deviance."
  • How "the organizers and participants in the conference spend far more time than the average gay person thinking about, talking about, and fantasizing about gayness."
  • How "When the powerful claim to be powerless and use this claim and a purportedly divine mandate to authorize a no-holds-barred attack on political institutions, we are on dangerous ground, indeed."
  • How Tom Crouse has inaugurated a “Mr. Hetero” contest." (No, not Tom Cruise, Tom Crouse, the Massachusetts pastor...)
Betcha that title comes with a real cute tiara & sash... But, alas, it seems one must purchase the DVD to be see how cute. In the meantime, read Castelli's article. It's smart, substantial & scary.

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