The Gayest Thing (meme)

Just brushed against a nifty meme-ish thing: The Gayest Thing.

It's posted by Criticlasm, one of StinkyLulu's friends from wayback (ie. working on the 3rd decade) with whom Lu has undertaken some "way gay" adventures. (Including the very embarassing memories of subjecting mutual friend Berry to extended lipsynch renditions of Stephen Sondheim musicals -- the summer after high school graduation. That's pretty f'n gay...) And now, reviewing the contents of this blog (Wednesdays of Beauty, Homo Heritage Fridays, Cupcake Commentary & -- o'course -- Supporting Actress Sundays), seems like every day is way gay in StinkyLuluLand...

But StinkyLulu loves the idea of "The Gayest Thing" -- 'specially cuz even non-homos can occasionally play way gay -- so 'twill meditate a little to determine StinkyLulu's Gayest Thing.

'Tis sure to be scaaaaaaaaary.

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