COMING ATTRACTIONS - Supporting Actress Smackdown - 1956

Despite things being completely quiet around these parts, we can once again thank ALEX (of Alex in Movieland & My Latest Oscar Film) for keeping the actressexual fires burning and providing this delectable appetizer for this weekend's Supporting Actress Smackdown, featuring the nominated Supporting Actresses for 1956.
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The Smackdown's scheduled to post at noon or thereabouts this Sunday (U.S. time). See you there!


Supporting Actress Sundays for OCTOBER '09: 1956

Hear ye, hear ye -- October's month of Supporting Actress Sundays will devote its attention to

Oscar's Supporting Actresses for 1956 are:

Mildred Dunnock in Baby Doll
Eileen Heckart in The Bad Seed
Dorothy Malone in Written on the Wind
Mercedes McCambridge in Giant
Patty McCormack in The Bad Seed

Supporting Actress Smackdown for 1956:
Sunday, November 1.
Featuring a Smackdown panel of 6 or 7 Smackdowners TBA.
(Contact StinkyLulu via email
to express interest/availability for Smackdowner service.)