A Very Stinky XXXmas (2005)

It's that time of year again.

For nearly a decade, StinkyLulu's been waging a personal War on Christmas via mixtape. Drawing upon the worst, the most surprising and the most inappropriate Christmas music out there, StinkyLulu's annual XXXMas mix aims to remind one and all that deeply misguided holiday recordings are themselves a "Reason for the Season." And just this weekend -- only about 2 weeks too late (a tardiness that itself is now truly part of the tradition) -- dozens of CDs of "A Very Stinky XXXMas" (fancy cover design courtesy of MrStinky) hit the postal circuit, on their way to -- ahem -- lucky listeners nationwide.

But if you just can't wait for your postal personnel, StinkyLu's gone ahead and published "A Very Stinky XXXMas" as an iMix on iTunes
-- or at least a partial version, anyway. (No Faye McKay, RuPaul or Wing for that iTunes... reserving some pleasures exclusively for StinkyLulu's loyal listeners.)

So -- Be Naughty. Be Nice. And Be Merry Merry.

Who Ya Calling a Fuzzy Ho?

Your Elf Name Is...

Fuzzy Ho-Ho-Ho


At Long Last, On All Fours

Heard a radio interview the other morning with an always smart funny author talking about her new book -- basically a survey of the linguistic trends in U.S. popular language & how some popular phrases actually contribute to a distinctive hostility in daily discourse,a default hostility manifest in the daily speech of grade schoolers as well as the leaders of the land. Rilly rilly innersting.

Then, a little bit later, bumped into this meme over at Queering The Apparatus.

So, StinkyLulu -- in a jab at getting this blog out of the End-Of-Semester Doldrums -- offers the newly-named "On All Fours" meme (featuring an all-new category created just for you, beloved Stinky readers: "Four 'pop phrases' you loathe").


Four jobs you've had in your life
- College Professor
- Phone Sex Operator
- Advance Sales Rep for the Circus
- Sex Club Doorman/Bartender

Four movies you could watch over and over
- Myra Breckenridge
- West Side Story
- The Young & The Hung
- Steel Magnolias

Four places you've lived
- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
- Providence, RI
- New York, NY
- New Haven, CT

Four TV shows you love to watch
- America's Next Top Model &/or Project Runway
- Starting Over
- The Young & The Restless
- Designing Women

Four "pop phrases" you loathe
- It is what it is.
- Hell-O!
- WhatEVer!
- The Liberal Media

Four places you've been on vacation
- Carlsbad, NM (most recent)
- NYC (most everything)
- Amsterdam (most storyworthy)
- Lama Foundation, NM (most returnworthy)

Four websites you visit daily
- towleroad
- DukeCityFix
- The Chronicle Forums
- Crooks & Liars

Four of your favorite foods
- Grilled Cheese'n'Bacon Sandwich
- Tater Tots
- Pork Chop
- Pudding

Four places you'd rather be right now
- At the movies
- On the road
- With MrStinky
- On the road to the movies with MrStinky

Four Blogs you've tagged with this meme
- Gunjilaganga
- Your Mom
- GoodMountain
- AfroFuturist