Remembering Carlos Esquibel (October 9, 1968-October 24, 2005)

It was six months ago today that The Stinkys' beloved friend Carlos Esquibel was found, murdered, in his home near downtown Albuquerque. To date, the case is cold & police have neither identified nor apprehended a perpetrator.

Carlos' murder remains unsolved, but neither Carlos nor the heartwrenching circumstances of his death are forgotten by those who love him. So, some time ago StinkyLulu personally resolved to, on the 24th of each month, consciously and publicly remember Carlos. First, by rereading the eulogy that MrStinky gave at Carlos' funeral. And, second, by telling someone about Carlos.

Lovely reader, on this sad 6th-months anniversary, you are that "someone." And to keep things just a little StinkyLulu-ish, it might be right to tell you about the last phone message Lulu got from Carlos -- which was about a movie.

See, just two weeks' before his murder, Carlos had a birthday & his best friend gave him the DVD of John Waters' latest opus: A Dirty Shame. Carlos missed the flick in theatres but, the night before he called Lulu, he watched his birthday copy 2 or 3 times in succession. For all kinds of reasons, some of which Carlos rattled off in the short duration of the phone message he left on Lulu's cel, Carlos was seeking a screening partner with whom to rewatch the movie -- and to dish & discuss it as it played. MrStinky rightly recommended Lulu (whose passion for all things JohnWaters-esque leaves MrStinky non-plussed). StinkyLulu deleted the message & planned to make a date the next time Carlos' path crossed Lulu's. Days later, Carlos was dead. Lulu hasn't yet rescreened the pic, not sure why...

It's a strange thing to lose someone so tragically. Stranger still when someone's passing remains clouded by mystery, violence, injustice.
Yet, every 24th, it's a reminder to "love the one you're with"...
So, share your love, lovely readers.
And thanks for sharing in StinkyLulu's.


tim r said...

I hadn't heard about this previously, and I'm so terribly sorry. What you're doing with these posts is wonderful.

Nick Davis said...

I didn't know, either, but you sure have been through quite a lot lately, if you'll forgive a maudlin turn of phrase. I'd be proud to be remembered as warmly and in such personal detail as Carlos is here... you're a good friend.

jennifer Duran said...

I found this today;) Carlos was my God brother and Cip and Elvira my God parents. I miss them all very much. Cip was my dads best friend and I grew up going over to their house a few times every year. Iam glad the case is solved for Carlos but i miss him all of the time and think of him. He was a wonderful artist thank you for this posting.