Looky Lulu's Links + "Do The Schiavo!"

StinkyLu really likes this blogspot template, despite the unfortunate fact that it doesn't offer an easy/reliable way to post links. So, today, Lulu's kicking off a new semi-regular feature -- LULU'S LINKS -- in which Lulu'll list the links Lulu looks at lots lately...

Lulu's Featured Link of the Moment:
Do The Schiavo! Web-based performance art at its most genius. (Your Mom brought this to Lulu's delighted attention.)

See also...
:: Daily Fug -- ineffable genius. MrStinky just can't get enough.
:: Towleroad's delicious daily dose of gay culture & politics.
:: PageSixSixSix. Slurpy evil gossip. Yum.
:: Lady Bunny's Blog -- StinkyLu recently got hooked into this through Nico Icon's humans.

That's prolly 'nuff for now. And, remember, Lulu loves to link ya, baby!


"All Pope, All The Time"

Ding Dong. The Pope Is Dead! Which Old Pope? The... Well, you get the idea... First, it was contant coverage of the "To Insert The Feeding Tube Or Not To Insert The Feeding Tube" drama. Now, it's The Interregnum Conclave! A Cardinal Collegial Confabulation! It's POPE-APALOOZA!!! And StinkyLulu's going just a little crazy. This morning -- in a fruitless attempt to avoid the early morning Poperama -- StinkyLu was reduced to watching The 700 Club where Ken Mehlman, the big homo who's currently Chair of The Republican National Committee was on, flapping his gums about the moral clarity and vision of the current administration. Blah blah CULTURE OF LIFE blah blah blah OWNERSHIP SOCIETY blah blah blah LEADERSHIP OF THIS PRESIDENT blah blah blah CLINTON = EVIL blah blah blah.

All this hooey. Makes StinkyLulu really glad for Wacko Jacko's trial & the impending nuptials of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Between them, MissTerri & the Pope-athon, WBush's Social Security FearMongering Tour is not even on the news. And Iraq is. Cuz casualties are still happening & DaPope was against the Iraq war... Hmmm.... One wonders how an DaPope's anti-war stance stacks up against his sustained active promotion of genocidal AIDS policies in Africa... Or next to DaPope's decades-long campaign of vicious condemnation of homos while simultaneously maintaining policies of righteous silence regarding sex abuse by priests around the globe.... Hmmm... FEH!

From here on out, StinkyLulu'll be wondering what Camilla Parker Bowles will be wearing on her head this friday... Maybe Michael Jackson has an idea or two...


Patricia Williams' OPEN HOUSE

StinkyLulu writes this from Westchester County, NY. Been a busy coupla days... Yakyakyakyakyakyakyakyak. That's pretty much all that StinkyLu's been doon'...

But on the plane, the headphones didn't work so StinkyLulu had to miss the audiotrack of the inflight screening of the recent (and celebrated) film, Fat Albert. Gratefully, StinkyLulu had a good book to read:
Patricia Williams' new book Open House.

Not everyone loves the prose stylings of MsPW, but Lulu does...a lot. And this entry is her funniest book yet. O'course -- the book's mostly about the complex history of the black midddle class since slavery so there's plenty of pieces that edge into sadness, madness & even tragedy. But PW's swirling meditative prose is at its strongest here, demonstrating an unapologetic clarity of purpose in describing the way-too-many things a really smart woman who cares passionately about her world and her family -- the way-too-many things she thinks about, just cuz. StinkyLulu really identifies with Patricia Williams. Not the part about Patricia Williams being black and a sorta famous law professor and a single mother. No. The part where a person's a little too clever for their own good & has a few too many thoughts stuffed in their noggin & sometimes worries that their head just might pop. That part. That part StinkyLulu really connects with...