BAH! or "Blog Against Heteronormativity" Day (April 22)

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Now, StinkyLulu knows that some of you lovely readers try to avoid the fabulations of academentia, and a few of you are likely to be all "Heteronormawhazzat?!?" upon seeing the title of this post. But Lulu's brilliant bud afrofuturist tapped StinkyLulu to answer blac(k)ademic's worthy call for today (April 22) to be a day to "Blog Against Heteronormativity" or -- as Lulu's come to think of it -- BAH!
StinkyLulu started out to compose a haiku against heteronormativity but Lulu gets confused counting syllables...so, instead StinkyLulu offers the following ruminations to the cause:

MrStinky & Inez both got borned to big talkin' poppas: life of the party, church-loathing, big-mouthed men who loved their sissy sons so much it hurt their mucho macho hearts. And despite their occasional consternation over how their boys were manifesting into adulthood, these fathers' unrepentant love for their sons typically trumped their banal biases. Except for when it came to this heteronormativity schtick. Somehow some of the only times StinkyLulu saw the mean sides of these otherwise lovely men came through their devotion to the principle of heteronormativity -- the idea that hetero is better, oh so much better than the homo, no matter so...
And what's strange is that, between these two very different men, their pledge of allegiance to heteronormativity took the same formula: men + women = babies. An algebraic teleology affirmed by chest thumping, table pounding, voice raising, etcetera, etcetera. This commitment to the procreative imperative led to curious logical lapses: some exceptions -- childless married couples -- proved the rule, while others -- gay or lesbian couples -- broke it. And while their patriotic allegiance to heteronormativity didn't necessarily stop them from loving their sons, it did threaten to forever shut them out of their sons' experience of love. (And so it did for Inez' pop who died before he could love his son in love.)

Heteronormativity (& its accusatory twin, heterosexism) become so sad for StinkyLulu because they can stop a loving heart. Block the arteries, as 'twere, creating a kind of spiritual heart failure. Sure, it makes Lulu mad. But, truly, Lulu only really ever gets mad after something makes Lulu real sad.
So, lovely reader, on this day of BAH! (Blogging Against Heteronormativity) keep that open-hearted love pumping.
It's really the only way to stay truly alive.


your mom said...

heteros named norm.
why measure all against them?
such dull guys they are.

Nick Davis said...

Great post, Stinky!

Dr. S said...

I am hetero,
And yet I'm not normative:
Get yourself good love.