Lulu's Last-Minute Oscar Party Links

As you know, StinkyLulu's not hosting this year. But years upon years of previous hosting experiences have Lulu's muscle memory in overdrive. (How oh how did all this ever happen on a Monday?!?) So, lovely reader, StinkyLu offers...

Lulu's Links for Last-Minute Oscar Party Prep:

  • For those of your preparing your OscarVoting, Nathaniel's Predictions and Analysis come in so very handy. The best Lu's ever seen. (And just because Nathaniel's one of the ModFab6, that doesn't mean that Lu's at all biased.)
  • For those of you wanting to go all OscarSnob and feel very smarty about one of "lesser" awards, be sure not to miss Julia Turner's Why Costume Designers Hate The Oscars over at Slate. 'Tis very cool.
  • For those of you still not sure OscarFood to make for the masses arriving to your abode this evening, check out the wealth of fast, fun & fag-pleasing recipes over at
  • BlogHungry.
  • For those of you warming to snark on OscarFashion, limber up with the divas over at
  • Go Fug Yourself. They really do reinvent the genius of the artful snipe.

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