Cher Does West Side Story?!?

StinkyLulu's been thinking about Cher today. (Can't think why...)

So just imagine Lulu's surprise when what should arrive in today's mail? But Cher's 1998 "stream of consciousness" (aka ADD) autobiography, The First Time.

It was sorta a surprise cuz Lulu got it via PaperBackSwap -- StinkyLulu's latest bookfiend obsession -- so, even though Lulu ordered it, the vicissitudes of media mail mean that one just never knows when which wondrous tome will arrive... And lo, today, it was CHER!!!

But, lovely reader, StinkyLulu needs your help!
On page 37, LaCher shares (say that 3-times-fast!) about "My First Broadway Fantasy":
My mom loved to buy cast albums...but my favorite was West Side Story. The others were period pieces with older characters, but West Side Story was about young people in a modern setting; I could relate to it. I'd never been to New York, and the movie version didn't come out till years later, but I could look at the album cover and visualize the rest.

I was shy but I loved to put on shows for my mother and sister. Except for West Side Story; that one was always private for me. I'd wait till nobody else was home, and then I'd turn up the volume on the record player full blast, and I'd dance around the living room singing all the parts. I identified with every character, not just the women. It takes a long time to learn a whole cast album, and I kept working on that musical for months. I never showed it to anyone, not even my mom. Years later, I played all the parts of West Side Story in a TV special I did. (Those months all alone in my living room really paid off.
Cher? All the parts in West Side Story? Wowiekazowie!
Does anyone know which Cher special this happens in?
StinkyLulu needs to know...

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dark lady said...

I think that it was for a CBS special, but you can see it in the farewell tour dvd, it's in the bonus features. really cool, btw.