Yes, lovely readers, it's been a strange swim...
Funerals. Flaming Assholes. And now:

After months of tempting, taunting & teasing rumors, ABQ has its own Cupcake Shop! (Melissa over at Cupcake Planet will be proud...) Introducing...
Cake Fetish!

(Pic of "Cupcake Carrie" by Marilyn Martinez via DukeCityFix)

So. Lu's thinkin' that the Stinkys might try to make a grab for a fancypantsy NYC cupcake on Tuesday and then run a taste test when back in the 'Querque on Wednesday. Somethin' to look forward to, in any case.
(Cuz ya know: when times are trying, few things are happier than a carefully crafted cupcake...)

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