To Dos Day

___ Item 1: SAY HI.
To StinkyLulu's Blogcrush #51308: Movie Dearest. See especially this post on "When Men Dance With Men" (part of the general excellence of the Invitation to the Dance Movie Blogathon 2008). Get on over there and rummage about...

___ Item 2: WHAT? MORE VOTING?
Sure enough, StinkyLulu's just a polling fool these days. The "Overlooked in 1999" candidate has been selected, and we're on the verge of finalizing the results of the "Died in 1999" options. Which means that we'll soon be on to picking the roster for June's month of Supporting Actress Sundays, when we'll be hopping into the wayback machine and considering performances from the first decade of the category's existence. So, please, do stay alert to the topic of the poll in the column at right -- the topic's rapidly changing...

One aspect of my work on supporting actressness that I've given somewhat short shrift has been my goal to assemble Supporting Actress Statistics (according to screen time, scene count, percentage, etc) of those performances I've screened as a part of Supporting Actress Sundays. Recently I've transferred everything to online spreadsheets (open for viewing by all who are logged into their google/blogspot account). This will hopefully keep the "data" (such as it is) more accessible and easily usable (by the three of you who care about such things). Click on the following links to be routed to the designated list: alphabetically; by chronology; by scene count; by percentage of total running time; and by screentime. (Please remember that this data only reflects those performances screened as a part of Supporting Actress Sundays since late summer 2006.) And if you encounter any difficulties or inconsistencies, I'd greatly appreciate notice via email. Thanks!

The one and only Gabriel -- the generous genius behind the gift of Modern Fabulousity -- celebrates his bellybutton birthday this weekend. So go on over there and express your love, admiration, devotion... Comment madly. Link promiscuously. Send cards. Send cash. Send Cheyenne Jackson. Do whatever plings your planger. But, as you do, be sure to celebrate one of the best blogfriends in the biz!

___ Item 5: IT'S TWUE! IT'S TWUE!!!
It's barely TWO weeks until StinkyLulu's Madeline Kahn Appreciation Day on Thursday, May 29, 2008 -- a random day on which all bloggers are invited to offer their appreciations of the life and work of Madeline Kahn (1942-1999). And, please, don't feel limited to commenting on Ms. Kahn's film work -- celebrate her life on the stage, on the small screen, in the scandal sheets -- whatever gets you excited. But be certain to send me the details so's I can link up.

If you haven't already, you really should bookmark the excellently reinvented The Oscar Completist (formerly known as "Adam Waldowski Doesn't Watch Non-Oscar Nominees"), a brilliantly minimalist piece of smartness. I like the idea so much that I'm thinking of blatantly stealing the idea and "reinventing" my livejournal account (or starting a whole 'nother blog) as a comparably straightforward summary of my screening habits, both at home and at the googaplex. This endeavor would, in effect, replace my somewhat "subterrannean" Film Log and Home Movies posts. So, I ask you, lovely reader, should I leave well enough alone (and keep things the way they are)? Or should I blatantly copy one of my favorite bloggers? You decide...
Have at it, lovelies!



what's a bellybutton birthday?

excuse my ignorance.

StinkyLulu said...

Da day dey wuz borned.

(As opposed to blog birthday or some other...)