To Dos Day

___ Item 1: 1999's UNDERWAY.
Which means several things: First, it means that I hope you'll be sure to vote in the "Overlooked" poll that's currently live (and will be for a few more days). Second, it means that you should be on the lookout for upcoming polls to determine June's Smackdown roster (in which we'll dig way back to the first decade or so of the category's existence), as well as (hopefully) a really interesting list of "Died in 1999" performers/performances. Third, it means that I've got a batch of profiles in the works considering the work of some of the most seriously interesting contemporary actresses at the edges. But, perhaps most importantly, the fact that 1999's underway also means that, with only 18 days until the Smackdown on May 25, I desperately need to round out my crew of Smackdowners! Several spots remain, so please send me an email if you're interested and available to join in on the fun for 1999. (No prior experience necessary, just a blog and some serious actressexual tendencies...)

Don't miss the graceful moves of everyone contributing to the Invitation to the Dance Movie Blogathon 2008 over at Ferdy on Films. I missed the call myself, which is both too bad and a great relief. I would have loved to tap out (ha!) a post but I'm so busy and behind it's probably all for the best. But be sure to check it out!

Speaking of my being behind in my writing tasks (what did you think I'd be talking about) I did finally get the delinquent 1953 posts up: don't miss my possibly controversial comments about Thelma Ritter in Pickup on South Street as well as my surprised appreciation of Geraldine Page in Hondo. The 1953 Supporting Actress Smackdown proved to be somewhat contentiously divided, with my votes tipping things in a way I normally dodge. So, now, all my cards are on the table. (Though I'm still not done with 1953 as Isabelle Huppert in 8 Women yet awaits to redeem her "Born in 1953" chit.)

Our beloved den mother's list of The 20 Best Moments On Broadway Right Now makes me just giddy -- if this list doesn't make you pine for the opportunity to spend way too much money for 150 minutes of thrilled anticipation, you just are NOT. ONE. OF. US... But whatever your susceptibility to the drama bug, I ask you to ponder ModFab's evocative description of the Xanadu curtain call... Is he just not brilliantly correct?

Some of you may have wondered about my avatar this month. Consider it a daily reminder to save the date for the upcoming Madeline Kahn Appreciation Day on Thursday, May 29, 2008 -- a random day on which all bloggers are invited to offer their appreciations of the life and work of Madeline Kahn (1942-1999). And, please, don't feel limited to commenting on Ms. Kahn's film work -- celebrate her life on the stage, on the small screen, in the scandal sheets -- whatever gets you excited. But be certain to send me the details so's I can link up.

For reasons that I'll reveal sometime in the coming weeks, I'm interested in building on last week's discussion of the whys, whats and wherefores of contemporary independent gay cinema. So, I'll toss up two questions and see which one floats. One: what's the most tedious trend in gay film? Two: what work does independent queer cinema have left to do? In short, what do you hate and what do you most yet hope to see?
Have at it, lovelies!


JS said...

I would like to participate in this month's Smackdown. Hopefully I can soon participate in one BEFORE the '90's (I always seem to miss out on at least one movie).

As for Madeline Khan appreciation day, I just hope that we won't be all talking about the same six performances.

whip-smart said...

I can't this month. :(

Summer plans prevent me from taking part until September at least, although there's a slim chance I may be able to take part in June.

Anna said...

M. Kahn - thoughts of her remind me of one of my favorite movie lines - "Howard, tell them who I am!" Delivered oh so desperately as only she could do. Funny woman. (anyone know the movie?)

Great you're doing a tribute to her.

whip-smart said...

I must say I'm very proud that the readers voted Lesley Manville's performance in Topsy-Turvy for the Overlooked in 1999 profile! She's not in the film for much of the first or second acts, but near the end she, very quietly, blows the film out of the water.