If StinkyLu were the Oscar Fairy...

You devotees of ModFab have likely already seen the ModFab6 Oscar'06 Round-Up. But as a special treat for you, lovely reader, if you are interested in still more PrognOscarcation, consider StinkyLulu's full-out Oscar fantasy. It appears below, along with the prompt from ModFab maven, Gabriel.

Modern Fabulousity
Oscar Predictions: Tell us who SHOULD win in each category. If you were the Goddess of Oscar, who would you anoint?
Hmmmm. If StinkyLulu were Goddess of Oscar....
If StinkyLulu were Goddess of Oscar, the following scenario might well occur:
  • Only selected "Very Special Lulus" would be awarded, and none would go anywhere near the extravagant rumpledness of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
  • Shirley MacLaine would get a special Lulu for "Unrelenting Fabulousness" (Dolly could be the presenter) -- not a a career award, mind you -- merely a just acknowledgement for her consistently redemptive presence in any number of otherwise annoying films this year.
  • Heath, Keira, George & Rachel would all get "When You're THAT Pretty, You Really Don't Have to Be THAT Good" Prizes for their career re-charting performances.
  • Michelle Williams would get a special "It's OK to Be Happy" Medal.
  • David Straithairn would get the "You Can Be My Daddy" Statue.
  • JakeG would get a "Thanks for the Nekkid" Award.
  • All nominees in all categories would get a special "Free Pass to Work With Ang Lee" certificate.
  • Amy Adams would get to wear StinkyLulu's special "Princess of the Party" tiara.
  • Dolly's song "Travellin' Thru" would win by acclamation as all the acting nominees would rush the stage to get down with some fierce trannies reinterpreting some vintage Debbie Allen choreography.
  • Everyone would forget all about Best Picture, because who cares really. (Puh-leeze, StinkyLulu's been watching the Oscar telecast with religious/fiendish devotion for more than a quarter century -- ! -- & still like to never gives a crap/JoanRivers by the time it rolls around to the last prize of the night. Unless someone real kuh-raaazzy's presenting it, like Bette Davis or Elizabeth Taylor. But that's a rare delight.)
All told, it would certainly be a Lulu of a time.
If StinkyLulu were Goddess of Oscar, that is...

But before you get your hopes up, be sure to reminisce with StinkyLu's Oscar'05 Re-cap. A useful reminder of just how awful Gil Cates can be.

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wait i want to watch the Lulus instead on Sunday night!