StinkyLulu's WednesDAY OF BEAUTY

For a good while, StinkyLulu's wanted to start an on-line gallery featuring images of especially -- ahem -- impressive hair salons. In particular, the Lu has an abiding fondness for those extra "punny" names that seem to pop up in each & every locality... You know the sort.

This week seems as good as any to finally get things started on this new Stinky series: StinkyLulu's WednesDAY OF BEAUTY. Each week StinkyLulu'll offer a photo of a very special beauty shop -- particularly punny, extra wiggy, alarmingly fabulous -- each week'll be an adventure. (An extra fun adventure, lovely reader, if you send pics of your favorite beauty zone...just a thought. Hint hint.)

Kicking things off is SHEAR FREEDOM -- a little shop on the edge of Taos, New Mexico. Just off the main drag, on an alley -- this admittedly blurry photo comes from Fall '04...

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