It's an HONOR just being NOMINATED...

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Who knew Award Season would involve lil' StinkyLulu!

Seems that a teensy weensy bit of self-promotion got StinkyLulu into the FINALS for a new feature at Modern Fabulosity. See, Gabriel of ModFab's aiming to assemble a handful of "color commentators" for events of note & current issues of the day. (Maybe like The View or The McLaughlin Report or maybe even Beavis & Butthead.) Gabriel's calling these folks "The ModFab Six". (Sounds like a really sparkly superhero team, don't it?) It's a chance to bring the Lu's scintillating wit & generalized snark & occasional academentia to a national platform. No tiaras or scepters or glittery sashes are involved (at least not yet) -- but StinkyLu's still way psyched at the possibility.

But first there's agonna be a ModFab6 Smackdown to whittle the 11 finalists down to the actual ModFab6.

And that's where you, lovely reader, come it. Please do consider tossing your support to StinkyLu. All you gotta do is send your vote/s (for as many as 6 candidates) to modern.fabulousity AT gmail.com. Voting will go through Sunday morning (2/12) at 11AM US EST, with results being posted on Monday.

(Lu's please to be part of the crew -- been a fan of BrilliantAtBreakfast's JILL and Nick of Nick's Picks for some time. But it'll be fun, no matter. Just toss your 2 cents in.)

for those of you new to StinkyLu: Welcome!
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criticlasm said...

Yay--we always knew you had it in you!