Today In Cinema - 1:24:10

If you recognize the film, say so in comments. (And, if you are so inclined,
share your favorite thing -- moment/memory/response/etcetera -- about the film.)


CCW said...

It's Midnight Express! What a strange coincidence, Stinky! For the past several months I've become completely and utterly obsessed with Brad Davis. A total head-over-heels crush, if you will. I just can't get his face, or the sound of his voice (or his body) out of my mind.
I first became smitten after seeing his work in Cold Steel (co-starring Sharon Stone during her '80s B-movie queen phase) and Querelle. That led to reading After Midnight, his heartbreaking biography written by his wife. I have to say it was sad but fascinating to read about his extremely complex personality and the self-destructive path his career and life took.
I've actually only seen bits and pieces of Midnight Express, so when I get a chance to view the entire film, I'm going to savor the experience.

StinkyLulu said...

Excellent, CCW, thanks for guessing! Midnight Express was my first introduction to Brad Davis, so it occupies an important place in my film-heart. He's just amazing in it - an Oscar-worthy performance. It's a tough go, but so so good.