December 2009 Screening Log

Didn't love CRAZY HEART but did love spotting all those ABQ actors and excellent NM locations. (And, yes, that trophy's almost certainly going home with Jeff Bridges - deservedly so.)
Thought NINE was dumb. And boring.
Thought AVATAR a remarkable accomplishment, even though at times it felt like THE LAST OF THE LITTLE BIG MEN DANCING WITH WOLVES AND LION KINGS IN FERNGULLY.
Thought THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG quite dear. (Who'da thunk an unsubtle subplot involving a snaggletoothed Cajun firefly would prove so moving?)
Found UP IN THE AIR to be witty, charming and subtly moving (with expert performances in roles big and small). Also thought that the production design (and title design) rocked.
Thought THE BLIND SIDE to be both sorta lame and astonishingly effective. But it's Sandra Bullock's performance that I just can't stop thinking about...
Was blown away by PRECIOUS and thought FANTASTIC MISTER FOX delightful & refreshing.


Shaun said...

Lulu ~ So good to read your update. Have yet to see any of the films here in NZ but won't see Avatar - heard about the technological wonders (which I don't care for in my moviegoing experiences) and the pathetic storyline.

Alex in Movieland said...

so exited about the Blogathon next week :D

I'm seeing Avatar in a week or so. Seen The Lovely Bones last night and it was terrible.

Vanessa said...

Love these tiny reviews! Brilliant!

Glenn Dunks said...

Wow, you didn't like Nine? A cornucopia of supporting actresses!

RC said...

I agree, trophy's all Jeffs.