Today In Cinema - 1:16:10

If you recognize the film, say so in comments. (And, if you are so inclined,
share your favorite thing -- moment/memory/response/etcetera -- about the film.)

This post continues an ir/regular
new photoseries - TODAY IN CINEMA -
which features a screenshot captured at a moment
in a favorite film's running time that
numerically corresponds to today's date.


elzigzag said...

Are you trying to lure me to comment, Stinky? That's "Coal Miner's Daughter." My mom's command of English isn't great, but this movie never fails to move her deeply, so it's got a special meaning to me.

StinkyLulu said...

So glad to see that my diabolical "comment-luring" plane worked!

And it seems your mom and I have something in common. Some part of that movie gets me every time; I never know what part, but some part...without fail.

elzigzag said...

How rapt the audience is when she breaks down? Her stumbling to the phone when she wakes to the news of Patsy? The looks she gives TLJ in the jeep? How beautifully static the camera stays when the title song finally arrives, so we get to enjoy it without any mishmash editing? Shall I go on?

StinkyLulu said...

Oh I could join in...
The way Momma stops dancing when she sees TLJ? Receiving the phone call of Poppa's death? The bologna scene? When the fan yanks her "hahr"? It's a surprisingly rich film, given the genre...