Today In Cinema - 1:21:10

If you recognize the film, say so in comments. (And, if you are so inclined,
share your favorite thing -- moment/memory/response/etcetera -- about the film.)


ShoNuff Lives said...

moulin rouge, the roxanne number....

such a great film...who doesn't want to break out in song from time to time? plus a lunimous nicole kidman, showing signs there was more than a stone face, and a hot as hell ewan mcgregor who never popped off the screen like that since

StinkyLulu said...

Shonuff, Shonuff!

This movie was the first (and near only) time I really fell in swoon with McGregor.

And I do love this number, I think best.

ShoNuff Lives said...

certainly a great number, but mcgregor's rendition of your song makes me catch my breath every time.

its a shame he hasn't made any more musicals. he would have actually been good as guido in nine.

J.D. said...

Oh god, the Roxanne number. So fucking perfect.