Today In Cinema - 1:22:10

If you recognize the film, say so in comments. (And, if you are so inclined,
share your favorite thing -- moment/memory/response/etcetera -- about the film.)


ShoNuff Lives said...

omg, beautiful thing! i think i have this on vhs somewhere in the apartment....if i had a vhs player, i'd pull it out to rewatch it.

StinkyLulu said...


Just scanning the film to get this shot, I realized how much of this film I don't remember... I should re/watch it too...

Derrick said...

I love:
"Heard of...Mama Cass?"
"What's wrong with Madonna?
"She's a slut."


"You're pissed!"
"Alot of kids my age go out for a drink."
"They don't all go to the bloody Gloucester now, do they!?"

LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!

Middento said...

Oooh, I love this flick too! Just heard the soundtrack again, thanks to my recent downloading of everything onto an iPod.

Franco Marciano said...

Fabulous film!In the top ten of gay films made, IMO. One of my favorite scenes was her blaring the music in the apt. then stumbling along drunkedly upon the road with a pair of tights on her head. :-) The final scene was also very sweet.

Criticlasm said...

I think this is the only movie I've gone back to see in the same day. The Quad on 13th. Nights of Cabiria I waited until the next day, but I think I saw this at the early matinee and the last evening one.