Go To Your Closet And Pray - QUOTE MEME

I know I'm late to this meme-ishness...

by speaker/film in comments.
Or, if you prefer, enact them in sequence as a dramatic recitation.
But please - no googling, no imdb-ing, no cheating.

  1. Do you eat ice cream? (Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine - Matt)
  2. I don't know. Maybe we are, and maybe we're not. (Katharine Ross, The Graduate - Matt)
  3. We won't bite you until we know you better.
  4. You only live once, and once is enough if you play your cards right. (Maureen Stapleton, Interiors - Matt)
  5. Things is gonna be changin' around here. Pass me them peas, boy. (Oprah Winfrey, The Color Purple - MrWeaver)
  6. A woman can change better'n a man. A man lives sorta - well, in jerks. (Jane Darwell, Grapes of Wrath - Brad)
  7. He's been there seventeen years and he's not a partner? This is the guy they send? (Tilda Swinton, Michael Clayton - Joe)
  8. Let's you and me get acquainted honey. You may be a number to others but not to me. Sit down in this chair, it's kinda roomy. (Hope Emerson, Caged - Brad)
  9. No, we are not friends. I don't take this shit from friends. Only lovers. (Teri Garr, Tootsie - Matt)
  10. Never burn bridges. Today's junior prick, tomorrow's senior partner. (Sigourney Weaver, Working Girl - Jakey)
  11. My granny'd go around clickin' her teeth to the radio all day. Boy, was she a lot of fun, and cooked my favorite, roast beef. She was a sweetheart. She raised chickens too. (Ronee Blakley, Nashville - Brad)
  12. I miss Dorothy. (Jessica Lange, Tootsie - Matt)
  13. She went to shit and the hogs ate her! (Diane Ladd, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Catherine)
  14. I'm sorry, hon'. Would it really make it easier for you if we settled on just one number? (Angela Lansbury, The Manchurian Candidate - Matt)
All but one of the above share
something very specific in common.

Any guesses?


jakey said...

#10 is Working Girl, which I saw at 2 AM on TV like two months after you profiled it and I was way too excited.

Joe Reid said...

I'm pretty sure #7 is...Michael Clayton, right? I think I've got the theme now too.

StinkyLulu said...

Both correct (but don't forget to name the performer)...

And the theme is fairly specific...

Joe Reid said...

Right, uh, Tilda Swinton. And now I have narrowed my theme guess and think I've got it. Damn you and your specificity. (The post title is a clue, yes?)

Matt said...

All of these quotations come from Supporting Actress Smackdown winners!

Matt said...

All are spoken by Smackdown winners, except for one, apparently--but I'm not sure which one.


1. Abigail Breslin, "Little Miss Sunshine"
2. Katharine Ross, "The Graduate"
4. Maureen Stapleton, "Interiors"
9. Teri Garr, "Tootsie"
12. Jessica Lange, "Tootsie"
14. Angela Lansbury, "The Manchurian Candidate"


Matt hogging the answers! ;)
so we've only got...


and i have no idea... though #11 sounds like something Geena Davis would've said in accidental tourist in her long TMI speeches about herself.

Criticlasm said...

I'm pretty sure 6 is jane Darwell in Grapes of Wrath

And is 8 Hope Emerson in Caged?

Is 3 Jo Van Fleet in East of Eden? If not for some reason I recall it being Peggy Lee in Pete kelly's Blues, but I could be way off...

11 is Ronee Blakely in Nashville, I think.

Catherine said...

Does "She went to shit and the hogs ate her!" come from Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore? I have a feeling it does, but I can't for the life of me remember who said it.

mrweaver said...

the peas quote is def oprah in the color purple here is another sample from that table scene "hush ole fool always meddlin' in somebody's business sophia home now so hush up"

AlgunHombre said...

-my sister is a rare jewel - and what am i, cut class? number 3 was delivered by rita moreno in her oscar-winning performance as anita in west side story. hey, wait a sec. tilda got an oscar for michael clayton. but maureen stapleton i think was only nominated. hey. maybe that's the theme? they're all from nominated performances? i have no idea. but s.w. was nominated for working girl, too. yes - that's it! all nominated supporting actress performances except i guess the grapes of wrath one, which seems to have been a guy.