To Dos Day

___ Item 1: SAY HI.
StinkyLulu's Blog Crush #3408: Self-Styled Siren. (My swoon for this gorgeous writer never abates fully, but this week she gots me giddy with crush all over again.)

___ Item 2:
StinkyLulu will likely be going on a mini-hiatus as professional obligations whisk me away to yet another academented fandango. Moreover, my presentation at said fandango has obliged my careful, sustained and repeated screening of movies like this, this, this and especially this -- so I have no idea what mental state I'll actually be in when I finally descend into that fresh pit of academentia. Luckily, I'll be surrounded by friends of StinkyLulu, including the fantabulous Nick and Bluegum (as well as the glorious MsK), while also enjoying the opportunity to finally make the realworld acquaintance of Middento and (dearly departed) QTA. I'm very much looking forward to this trip, though it will mean that postings here in StinkyLuluLand will likely be off their routine a teensy bit.

___ Item 3: PITY ME.
In order to arrive to Item #2 in appropriate time, I will be boarding a "red-eye" flight on Wednesday evening. So what? I'm frankly shocked you even have to ask, lovely reader. This travel schedule (booked months ago) forces me to MISS the broadcast of the Project Runway finale!!! (I know. Can you believe it? MrStinky is still fundamentally peeved about this turn of televisual events.) But, yes, poor little StinkyLulu will be on a plane when the world finds out whether our spritely little sissy prevails in his campaign of fabulous fierceness. (Alas, I have a sneaking suspicion that the teflon princess will snatch the trophy from his fierce little fingers. But never you mind, lovely ones: Ferosha Coutura will not retire quietly into obscurity...her quest for world domination through high fashion will continue to wreak glamorous havoc FOREVER!!!) Watch what happens, beloveds, and know that I'm floating above you all. (Perhaps I'll bump into Elisa while I'm up there.)

___ Item 4: GO COLD TURKEY.
Of course, Item #2 also means that I will be otherwise occupied during the graduation ceremonies of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, thus delaying my usually prompt commentary until sometime next week. (I doubt the hotel will have VH1 but, if they do, I'll do my best to pound out a recaplet.) But it'll be ok, dear ones, you can make it without a StinkyLulu appraisal of the Rehabitants's latest adventures with NurseShelly and DrHunk. I know it'll be challenge. But you can do it. Just take things one day at a time.

Who's the dreamboat at the center of this magazine feature? (I love how the words seem to be just emanating from him. Or rippling from the sheer force of his charisma. Or something... I just love it.) (via Kenneth in the 212)

As Item #2 indicates, I've been spending a good deal of time the last several weeks contemplating the complex concatenation of wonderment that is Raquel Welch. And, after much serious and sustained consideration, I can state confidently -- call the NYT! StinkyLulu's got NEWS! -- the woman is an extraordinarily bad actress. BUT, at the same time, I must also affirm: Raquel Welch is also just fascinating, especially when she's up to no good acting-wise. In this way, she actually reminds me of actresses like Elizabeth Taylor (who's most enthralling when she's teetering on or beyond the verge of appalling) and, as Blog Crush #3408 reminded me this week, of actresses like Gale Sondergaard (of whom I wrote last year, "She's rarely an interesting actress -- but fascinating, she is always that"). So, lovely reader, do tell. Who are your favorite actresses of this brilliantly bad variety. Share your bad-actress fetishes in comments.
Have at it, lovelies!


criticlasm said...

OMG--did you have to watch this?! I love it.

I can't even begin to think of good/bad actresses. Lately it's all the actors who think they can get by on charisma, when they don't really have any. Julia Roberts can--and I'm not convinced she's a great actress--but that's rare. Probably Divine--Actress? Yes and no. Bad? Usually. Riveting? Always. John Waters is brilliant at finding them.

My legit fave is probably Melanie Griffith. Aside from Working Girl and Something Wild, I think she is actively bad while impossible not to watch. And I love that her character in Milagro Beanfield War was named Flossie Devine. That about sums it up.

StinkyLulu said...

I did not rescreen this, though it is among my favorites of the entire Welchian oeuvre.


first. big kiss. you're so sweet.

second. my favorite bad actress has to be DEMI MOORE. sure, she's been good a few times but everyone has. I just love her... even though i know in almost every case another actresses could have done more interesting things with the role. Plus I like how she doesn't actually age.

not that all Hollywood women don't try this... but Demi succeeds. Her face is made of stone. Therefore not expressive to act with but forever Demi pretty.

jakey said...

I warmed up to her after Trick and Scream 2, but So NoTORIous made me unabashedly love Tori Spelling, squicky personal life be damned. Strangely enough, that show made me a fan of Loni Anderson, too.

I'll miss your CR rehab this week! Your absence will not be condusive to my sobriety. At all.

Middento said...

See you at SCMS! Cna't wait to finally meet you!

Brooke Cloudbuster said...

My favourite bad actress, and many Xena fans are going to kill me for this is Lucy Lawless.

Now, it's not that she's a horrible actress, but she's definitely not a good one. But, yet, I can't help but watch anything she's in and go: "Wow. I love Lucy Lawless."

I imagine her being on some show in ten or fifteen years time and winning an Emmy.

Lucy Lawless is the next William Shatner, y'all.

whip-smart said...

My favorite bad actress? Uh... maybe Drew Barrymore. Does she even count? Probably not.

In other Supporting Actress news, I saw 'Gone Baby Gone' last night and 'Nashville' just now - Tomlin, Blakley, Ryan, all great, great performances. Five stars for each of them. Nashville was a freaking mindblow, Gone Baby Gone evolved from a run-of-the-mill Law & Order ep to a little masterpiece of tension. Next up is 'Pickup on South Street' and then its the rest of the 1953 Supporting Actress films.

Hope you're having fun in Philly!

criticlasm said...

I just saw Miss Pettigrew, and I have to say, if she's not bad, Shirley Henderson is perhaps the odd-est actress on the screen for me. She's kind of the UK answer to JJ Leigh, but with a very singular voice. She's fascinating to watch, but I always want to be looking away, too....wonder what your take on her is, esp. since she is most always supporting.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

just wanted you to know that I loved your discussion on jane darwell

great blog

Campaspe said...

oh, how could I have missed this? thank you so very much, and back atcha!

favorite bad actresses? I hate to admit it but I have a soft spot for a lot of bad actresses, to the point that I actually spearheaded a Lana Turner blogathon. But my favorite bad actress is probably Sandra Dee, RIP.