To Dos Day

___ Item 1: ENJOY DINNER.
Some of StinkyLulu's tags for the "Dinner With" meme have made their invitations, so prepare to enjoy an evening with Brad Pitt, Harvey Fierstein and Diana of Themyscira. Yum.

___ Item 2: DON'T BITE.
I'm sorta stunned that "We won't bite you until we know you better" remains the single quote -- among all those selected for StinkyLulu's version of that movie quote meme -- to remain unattributed. Here's a hint. Here's another. Any guesses?

___ Item 3: WAX POETIC.
With W.H. Auden, a mechanic named Bud, and "The Platonic Bow"
(via The Sword - nsfw)

Inspired by Nathaniel's 2nd annual Actress Psychic Contest, I'm still contemplating a mini-version for Supporting Actresses. If you would like to play Supporting Actress prognosticator, please do consider joining up. I'll run a real contest if I get 25+ folks (I've got about 5 or so folks now) interested in playing. To indicate your interest, shoot me a quick email and tell me your top 6 picks for Best Supporting Actress 2008, with a bonus/tie-breaker of your most likely Razzie nominee.

___ Item 5: VOTE FOR "BORN IN 1953".
The poll for April's "Born In..." featurette is open at right. 'Twas -- in contrast to 1967 -- a somewhat limited field. As it turns out, the relatively concentrated field permitted me to refine the choices in a fairly productive way. Mot of the films/performances listed are from films I have not seen (or wasn't paying much attention when I did). Also, while there are a few top shelf options, most of the films are pretty sketchy. Which, given the curious thrills that have been provided by both Julia Ormond and Macy Gray, seems like a good thing. I mean, one can't live on quality film alone.

Last week, I had a bit of a break in my daily routine, allowing me to see three movies in four days -- ahh I love semester breaks -- each of which contained genuine and compelling Supporting Actress performances. (See my Film Log for more details.) Which makes me wonder? Have y'all seen anything especially good Supporting Actressness lately? Offer your tips in comments.

Have at it, lovelies!


whip-smart said...

Let's see... Since I set up Netflix about a month ago, I've seen all five 1953 performances, plus the Nashville women, Beatrice Straight in 'Network' and Amy Ryan in 'Gone Baby Gone'. I'll keep my 1953 rankings a secret, but Tomlin, Blakley, Ryan and Straight all get five hearts!

Dame James Henry said...

I recently saw Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and I was really impressed with both Marisa Tomei and Amy Ryan. Their roles are tiny and unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but are so dead on (Ryan's emasculation of Ethan Hawke and Tomei's sexual intensity) that they really work. I also had quite a good time at The Other Boleyn Girl, thanks in part to Kristin Scott Thomas as the Boleyn's mother and Ana Torrent as Catherine of Aragon. Torrent's line reading of "Well, isn't it the Boleyn Whores" was worth the price of admission in itself.

StinkyLulu said...

I've heard that about Torrent's cameo... I still haven't been able to bring myself to that party quite yet, though.

newland said...

I agree on Ana Torrent's magnificent turn on the otherwise unimpressive "The other Boleyn Girl". And yes, that line reading!