To Dos Day

___ Item 1: SAY HI.
StinkyLulu's Blog Crush #31108: When I Look Deep In Your Eyes. (Love ya, Cuddles!)

___ Item 2: FORGIVE ME.
Yes yes yes - I've been a big old blogging slacker, iknowiknowiknow. Between the full-tilt boogie of the university at midterm and my recent academented travels to the city of boxtys and bloggerly love, I've gotten real behind. In the next days, however, look for StinkyLulu to get back on track -- starting with a make-up Celebrity Rehab recaplet on Wednesday, with my post on the reunion quick to follow on Friday. (For those of you who are just not on the Celebrity Rehab train, this week is marks the end of the adventure in addiction, with next Friday bringing a return -- I think -- of Homo Heritage Fridays.) This Sunday will also bring the first of "The Film Experience Fundraiser" Supporting Actress profiles and, at some point very soon, I'll offer my response to ModFab's tag on the recent "My Dinner With" meme. So, we're back on track, lovelies, I promise.

Watch as my recent obsession Raquel Welch collides with Janis Joplin on The Dick Cavett Show circa 1970. Now that's a hot tranny mess.

Just click.

___ Item 5: HABLAMOS.
Learn some especial espanish in this helpful video.

Nathaniel's reintroducing his 2nd annual Best Actress Psychic contest today. Not only was last year's venture a total hoot but the whole enterprise, as Nick reminded me this past weekend, is essentially "Fantasy Football for Feygelahs." So, despite my 55th place finish, I can't wait to play again. All such Best Actress excitements, of course, start me to pondering Supporting Actresses. Now, I'm not going to run a comparable contest -- I so could never track such a thing -- but I am contemplating running a mini-version for Supporting Actresses. So, lovely reader, what do you think? Would you like to play Supporting Actress prognosticator? How 'bout this: I'll run a real contest if I get 25+ folks interested in playing. To indicate your interest, say so in comments or shoot me a quick email. For now, let's start warming up in comments. (And feel free to start speculating, you will of course be allowed to revise your picks for an actual contest...just have fun for now.) So, hit it, dear ones: Tell me your top 6 picks for Best Supporting Actress 2008, with a bonus/tie-breaker of your most likely Razzie nominee.

Have at it, lovelies!


Kate said...

Don't call him Cuddles!!! I don't want to give him any more causes to kill me.

StinkyLulu said...

Oh but it's just so apt!!!
And thus nearly impossible to resist.

Though I will remove the reference if I get a "cuddly" cease & desist request...

Kate said...

I know. It's why I can't resist but to call him it. Really, his Mama should have just named him "Cuddles" and been done with it.

And, of course, now I realize how I navigated to your blog...TWOP. I'm such a dork.

Middento said...

Oh jeez, Stinky, you had to out me. *hahaha* And on the day that I post about Eduardo Noriega too! How hilarious. (You can keep it. Here's hoping that my current students don't find it.) Kate will nonetheless be drawn and quartered anyway.

I'm on for the Supporting Actress predix, although I suck. I did 10 places worse than you did in Nathaniel's poll, and likely won't do better this year. Still, it's fun. What helps, however, is his rundown of possible best actresses -- and there are waaaaay too many to consider for a similar this on supportings. Nonetheless, I'll see if I can come up with a list later.


honestly Stinky... i thought i would add supporting actress to the contest this year BUT a) too many possibilities... it's always impossible this early b) too hard to track another 100 people for points and c) don't wanna tread on your territory.

but i need to announce the rules right away and i am unfortunately stumped on any major changes that wouldn't be too hard to manage.


par3182 said...

you know i can't resist a competition that involves listing six actresses

Brooke Cloudbuster said...

The only names that even remotely strike out to me at this point of the year are:

Amy Adams in Doubt. Enchanted praise overspilling into a highly anticipated film of a lauded play. No brainer, really.

Amy Ryan in The Changeling. Gone Baby Gone goodwill mixes well with the Eastwood charm.