To Dos Day

Oh lovely reader!
I'm running waaaaaaaaaay behind today. Functions, engagements, tasting the beauty -- being fabulous can be very demanding, you know. So, alas, my regular "To Dos Day" post won't be up until later tonight. In the meantime, please do share your "To Dos" in comments. What posts, events, upcoming bloggishness, or general absurdities would you like to direct folks' attention to?
Smooches, dear ones!
PS: pic via Fag Yer It


Dr. S said...

Oh my GOD: the picture on your post means that number one on my list is now "find someone who can give me enormous, interestingly shaped, jeweled red beehiveesque hairdo before tonight's dinner." Awesome.

Can I put "seduce the literary critical world with my prose" on as #2? It's a modest goal.

Dr. S said...

Oh, by the way, I realize that I just did the exercise wrong: these are not to-dos that anyone else could participate in with me. Maybe change my first one so that *everyone* gets a new hairdo, in honor of fall.

Middento said...

Hey, on my to-do list for today: de-lurking. Which is to say, finally comment on all the blogs that I read yet not always comment on. (It's part of The Great Mofo Delurk, heh.) And Lulu, you make supporting actresses into the goddesses they are. So I thank you for one of the coolest blogs out there.