StinkyTofu (PhotoQuote of the ThursDay)

Wasn't planning to post a photoquote today, but then The Face of Evil had to go and smear the name of StinkyLulu's beloved (but heretofore unknown) soul sister: StinkyTofu.

Now, I'm sure StinkyTofu is fine -- off appreciating those yoga teachers at the edges, or the folksingers who never get the attention they deserve, or those local organic farmers who really maintain their craft at the margins of contemporary agribusiness... Indeed, I'm almost certain that the right-wing smear machine matters little to the likes of StinkyTofu. Nonetheless, I'm here to say: wherever you are, StinkyTofu, I've got your back! Us Stinkys gotta stick together!

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criticlasm said...

Xenophobia? Why, I can't even pronounce it.....does that mean you're scared of Lucy Lawless?(thanks to Loretta and the Dukakis inspiration).

How dare these lowly dishwashers or immigrants believe they might have a voice in our political process! Ugh.

I'm going to go buy some stinky tofu to hurl at her. Though I should have compassion for that much slef hatred.