The Stinkys In The Desert

The Stinkys are on the road this week.
(So, once again, lovely reader, no CouldaShouldaWoulda for this Wednesday -- sorry.)

Indeed, StinkyLulu writes this from atop a desert mesa, overlooking a trickling riverbed. just at the edge of the Gila National Forest. Since Monday, StinkyLulu's been enjoying -- for the first time ever -- the strange convergence of cultures & landscapes that is New Mexico's Southeastern corner & its county seat, Silver City. And, inspired by the photogenerosity of DrS, StinkyLulu thought it a good idea to share just a few shots from the last two days...

View from Lulu's reading chair
Where StinkyLulu's been reading new play manuscripts

How'd this happen?
Well, see, Pablo & SusieLou -- two of MrStinky's oldest & dearest NYC friends -- blew into the Enchanted Land last week to sit as jurors for some fancypantsy photography confab in FantaSe. After that marathon of opinage, Pablo & SusieLou are always ready for some rustic desert fun. (Pablo has a strange fascination for desert reptiles & -- though she'd rather read a magazine or go shopping -- SusieLou's always game for the adventure.) So, MrStinky sniffed & scoured the state for a comfortable yet remote destination, suitable both for holiday retreat & reptile rummaging. Which brought Pablo & SusieLou and The Stinkys to Casitas de Gila late Monday night.

Patio Dining

Where the Stinkys & Friends devoured much well-seared cowflesh

Casitas de Gila is a cute little joint, smack dab in the middle of f'n nowhere. Perched at the deadend of a series of totally narrow, rollercoastery dirt roads that would likely cause the most intrepid llama pause, this handful of free standing little houses (aka casitas) is as an oasis of 21st century hospitality at the desert's edge. Each casita comes complete with kitchen, food, outdoor barbecue, full toilette and precious little names. (Lu's not sure whether The Stinkys are ensconced in "Animal House" or "The Birdcage", or en español Casita de los Pájaros y Casita de los Animalitos.) It's really gorgeous, really remote & really nice. And though the "no TVs" defies Lulu's sense of true hospitality, the free WiFi does assuage some of Lulu's culture-addict anxieties... So, since yesterday, Lulu's been reading -- some new play manuscripts vying for production & a couple academented titles that Lu's been meaning to crack for months -- it's been gorgeous. (Though the owner keeps traipsing by & reprimanding Lulu with the joint's promotional tag-line -- "This is a stress-free zone" -- & it's beginning to stress Lulu out.)

Backyard Stark Desert Beauty

So, even though Lu's skipping the hikes that a place like this seems to mandate, being here's been really nice. Because -- truly -- this is Lulu's sorta ideal retreat. No grading, no office, no caregiving duties, no commute, no students. Just MrStinky, good food/friends/vistas, & nice satisfying work...
Life's good.


criticlasm said...

OOHMYGOD. No TV? What is HAPPENING to you?! ;) Glad you're enjoying it.

Dr. S said...

Totally super awesome awesome awesome. All around. I've had a hankering for a real, live getaway for quite some time, and it sounds like you've found it. Right on!

I love the idea of photogenerosity, by the way. Thanks!