Cast Your Vote for JUNE's "Supporting Actress Sunday" Series

June's just around the corner.
Which means it's time for you, lovely reader, to choose StinkyLulu's cinematic poison for June's month of Supporting Actress Sundays. (Just log your vote in comments or via email.)

And the nominee rosters are:
  • 1941: Sara Allgood, "How Green Was My Valley"; Mary Astor, "The Great Lie"; Patricia Collinge, "The Little Foxes"; Teresa Wright, "The Little Foxes"; & Margaret Wycherly, "Sergeant York."
  • 1951: Joan Blondell, "The Blue Veil"; Mildred Dunnock, "Death of a Salesman"; Lee Grant, "Detective Story"; Kim Hunter, "A Streetcar Named Desire"; & Thelma Ritter, "The Mating Season."
  • 1960: Glynis Johns, "The Sundowners"; Shirley Jones, "Elmer Gantry"; Shirley Knight, "Dark at the Top of the Stairs"; Janet Leigh, "Psycho"; & Mary Ure, "Sons and Lovers."
  • 1969: Catherine Burns, "Last Summer"; Dyan Cannon, "Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice"; Goldie Hawn, "Cactus Flower"; Sylvia Miles, "Midnight Cowboy"; & Susannah York, "They Shoot Horses Don't They."
  • 1978: Dyan Cannon, "Heaven Can Wait"; Penelope Milford, "Coming Home"; Maggie Smith, "California Suite"; Maureen Stapleton, "Interiors"; & Meryl Streep, "The Deer Hunter."
  • 1987: Norma Aleandro, "Gaby - A True Story"; Anne Archer, "Fatal Attraction"; Olympia Dukakis, "Moonstruck"; Anne Ramsey, "Throw Momma from the Train"; & Ann Sothern, "The Whales of August"
  • 1996: Joan Allen, "The Crucible"; Lauren Bacall, "The Mirror Has Two Faces"; Juliette Binoche, "The English Patient"; Barbara Hershey, "The Portrait of a Lady"; & Marianne Jean-Baptiste, "Secrets & Lies."

Vote freely. Vote often.
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June's Supporting Actress Sundays

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criticlasm said...

51 51 51 51 51

par3182 said...

1969, please

tim r said...

I'm quite up for either of the above, though I've only seen one film yet in each case...

Sam said...

Oh my goodness, do 1996. Lauren Bacall's jaw is still on the floor from that one. Every actress was nominated for a powerhouse performance.