Rachel Maddow: StinkyLulu's Latest Crush

MrStinky not infrequently accuses StinkyLulu of being a closeted lesbian. A fondness for purple. A stray Holly Near cd. Clunky summer sandals. Anything can trigger MrStinky's lavender-baiting accusations. Of course it doesn't help that a few years back Lulu went as "Rosie O'Donnell" for Halloween by wearing Lulu's favorite everyday outfit -- oversize burgundy button front shirt, clamdigger-length khakis, sensible shoes -- & spiking up one-side of Lulu's longish brown hair (these were in the Taboo days of Rosie's ├╝ber-dyke hairdo). It does tend to freak MrStinky that Lulu's clothes closet looks like Dykes 'R' Us (minus the athletic gear).

But now StinkyLulu's giving MrStinky new fodder:
StinkyLulu's got a crush on a new, fabulous & kickass media personality.
She's smart. She's tough. She's funny. She's out. She's very cute.
She's Rachel Maddow...
(And if you don't know her, lovely reader, you should.)

See - StinkyLulu listens to way too much talk-radio. And has for years. (Driving a buncha miles daily to & fro can do that to a girl. Plus the NPR stations cut out during the drive's longest stretch because a mountain's in the way.) Only recently has Lulu stumbled upon Rachel Maddow's morning drive-time show. Wow. So smart, so funny -- it's just amazing that it's political talk-radio & it's actually interesting. Plus -- and here's the source of the crush -- Maddow's that exceptional rarity of talk-radio, even lefty radio:
She's not a bully.
(Even when she could so totally take someone out.)

LaRachel states her case -- smartly, wittily, humanely -- and then lets the idiots (hi Tucker!) hang themselves with their own half-lengths of wit. She doesn't shriek or drone or try to be funny. She's quick. She's smart. She's surgical in her precision. And, anyway, it's not like Lulu crushes on all lesbians. (Icky Lesbian #1 & #2).
Just this one.
(Plus that one. And that one. Maybe that one. Oh, yeah, that one too.)
Okay. Yes. StinkyLulu is a secret lesbian.

But that don't mean Lulu's any less in love with MrStinky.
It's complicated being a Lulu.

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