6 Thoughts About X3

In homage to the always brilliant 6 Things, StinkyLulu offers the following...

StinkyLulu's Six Thoughts About X3:
1. Should just call him Plastic Stewart.
2. Whether Siryn was a real girl or not, 'twas nice to have a kickass tranny on the scene.
3. Hugh's rubber action pants make him look a little hippy. Hot. But hippy.
4. Couldn't be happier 'bout the handling of the James Marsden character.
5. Lulu could prolly watch a whole movie of Mystique shapeshifting while trash-talking.
6. Famke (AKA JeanGrey AKA Phoenix) doing the Carrie White -- levitating while surveying the flaming carnage with crazy eyes -- makes the whole thing worth it.

ps: don't fergit to vote

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