The SMACKDOWN is nigh upon us!

It's looking to be a big weekend for StinkyLulu.
Ok, first, X3 opens. (The mere thought gives Lu the vapors.)
1942's Supporting Actress Smackdown is this Sunday.

As you may recall, lovely reader, Supporting Actress Sundays is project for the long haul. Each Sunday for a month of Sundays, StinkyLulu (re)screens all of -- and offers an extended commentary on -- the nominees (plus some of those snubbed) from a given year's roster of Oscar hopefuls. Toward the end of that month, Supporting Actress Sundays culminate when StinkyLulu joins with fellow movie obsessives to create a virtual roundtable -- or Supporting Actress Smackdown -- for the year in question.

This Sunday's Smackdown features the scintillating insights of Smackdown veterans Nick of Nick's Flick Picks & Nathaniel of The Film Experience while also initiating Tim of Mainly Movies to the strangely exhilarating thrill of the Smackdown.

So. Be there. The 1942 Smackdown's looking to be a goody...

(And in the meantime, be sure to cast your vote for the June roster of Supporting Actress Sundays. StinkyLulu can't be trusted to make such decisions alone. Really. Not to be trusted.)


criticlasm said...

Supporting actress in the 70's is rich--what about this one?

1975 Lee Grant - Shampoo
Ronee Blakley - Nashville
Sylvia Miles - Farewell, My Lovely
Lily Tomlin - Nashville
Brenda Vaccaro - Jacqueline Susann's Once Is Not Enough

And I didn't know Madeline Kahn was nominated for Blazing Saddles in 73. And Lee Grant again in 76. It would be fascinating to watch her in 51, and then in Shampoo....

StinkyLulu said...

Unfortunately, StinkyLulu's such a stickler for arbitrary rules (& a sucker for occultist tricks like numerology): 1975's not eligible until December, I think. (Part of the project is to watch the movies I might not choose to watch without the mandate.)