Phantom of the Poopera: The Stinkiest Movie of the Year?

StinkyLulu finally saw Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera and the film stands out for being the most utterly joyless musical StinkyLulu's ever seen. A problem when the dang thing is nearly entirely sung & that the central emotional conflict of the piece follows a tragic hero's elation as it turns to anguish. It's deeply unfortunate but director Joel Schumacher drained all passion from the dang thing -- reducing the musical to an elaborate case history of bipolar disorder with really big wigs & incredibly tedious music. Most cruelly, Schumacher's production so completely evacuates joy from the proceedings that any real camp appreciation of the film is inhibited. Suffice it, the film left StinkyLulu feeling a touch drained. BUT -- though it's hard to say without a moment or two to recover/reflect-- Phantom may just end up being the Stinkiest movie of the year...

And there have been some real Stinky doozies this year. Hilary Duff's Raise Your Voice was incredibly lame and Soul Plane was astonishingly unfunny. And can't forget Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights...no matter hard one tries. Shockingly, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera beat out the interminable Troy for "most unrelentingly boring despite pretty scenery." Whew. It's good long list of Stinky movies this year & StinkyLu's just not strong enough to relive any more of them right now...

So check back to see if Phantom remains the Stinkiest... It'll be a tough one to beat.

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