Even though StinkyLulu's quick to grouse..StinkyLu's Most Interesting Supporting Actress Performances...

Even though StinkyLulu's quick to grouse about the constant prognOSCARtating, it ain't gonna keep StinkyLu from doing what StinkyLulu does.
SO -- StinkyLu's award season continues with

~ Sharon Warren in Ray
~ Darryl Hannah in Kill Bill Volume 2.
~ Jada Pinkett Smith in Collateral
~ Glenn Close in Stepford Wives
~ Virginia Madsen in Sideways
~ Cate Blanchett in The Aviator

A word on the frontrunners:
As a general rule, StinkyLulu doesn't mention performances in films StinkyLu hasn't yet seen. Those especially meticulous lovely readers among you might note that -- as of this blogging -- The Aviator remains on the to-do portion of StinkyLu's screening list. However, based on elaborate previews/clips as well as Cate Blanchett's reliable fabulousness as well as the fact the Miss Cate's performance in Steve Zissou might have landed her on this list as well, StinkyLu's fairly confident that her work in The Aviator warrants inclusion on this list. However, that don't mean it's StinkyLu's favorite -- that goes to either Glenn Close (who made an otherwise unwatchable movie utterly thrilling) or Sharon Warren (whose screen debut took StinkyLulu's breath away in virtually every scene)...

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