Most Interesting Movie about RACE in 2004

StinkyLulu was surprised that so few movies made the short list in this category this year. Perhaps a comment on the present historical moment? But, no matter. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is plenty good. The basic set up? Harold (John Cho), a Korean-American corporate dweeb, and his roommate, Kumar (Kal Penn), an Indian-American med student, are bored with their post-college 20something lives and (a) it's Friday night, (b) they get stoned, (c) they start to hankering for White Castle burgers and (d) they head for Jersey.

On first glance, this flick looks like a goof-ball/stoner/horndog/roadtrip movie. Which is exactly what it is. But what is so unrelentingly cool about this film is that, in this pitch perfect disaster-upon-disaster 24hour epic comedy, in every joke/setup, race operates dynamically in a way that StinkyLulu's like to never seen in a mainstream Hollywood film. In Harold and Kumar..., sometimes it matters that Harold's Korean, or that Kumar's Indian, or that they're both Asian, or that they're both not white/Jewish/black... See, in Harold and Kumar..., race always matters. Just HOW it matters changes from moment to moment, from joke to joke. And the jokes work too... All of which, when taken together, emerges as a quite compelling accomplishment, if you ask StinkyLulu.

So, check out Harold and Kumar.... You will be surprised.

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