FAUXMOSEXUALITY - Most Annoying Movie Trend of 2004

Clearly the most annoying trend in movies this year is something StinkyLulu's taken to calling "Fauxmosexuality" -- the inclusion of gay characters or themes that bear no resemblance to anything mildly "real" and, worse, carry little to no entertainment value whatsoever.

Basically, you're seeing "fauxmosexuality" when you see a putatively queer character and you ask yourself: "WHERE did they GET that? And can we send that BACK?" But the thing about fauxmosexuality is that it's not simple homophobia, of either the banal or brutal variety. Rather, it's when the out homos crafting the characters let the hollywood process boil things down to some misshapen & ultimately unwearable form of queerness. It's queer eye blind. It's the Stephen Spinella character in Connie & Carla, the reigning drag queen of Los Angeles who quavers in fear of coming out to her younger brother. Or the procreating lesbians in Cheryl Dunye'sMy Baby's Daddy. Or the flamer-turned-gay-republican in Paul Rudnick'sThe Stepford Wives...

Fauxmosexuality is to queerness as olestra is to butter. Not as tasty, not as dangerous, and may cause... any number of generally stinky side effects. Avoid avoid avoid.

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