The Lulus -- Where it's an honor NOT being nominated! -- SUPPORTING ACTRESS

OK -- it's time for THE LULUS.
Here there are no nominees, just StinkyLulu's lists.
There are almost no rules either...
Just (a) the performance can't be nominated for an Academy Award and (b) StinkyLulu has to remember the performance enough to want to remind others to do the same...

TODAY's category: LULU's
Few of StinkyLulu's early favorites in this zone made it to the official Oscar ballot. Which makes this part of the list-making most fun...

So the SUPPORTING ACTRESS LULUS include (in rough order of preference)...
...the exhilarating work of Glenn Close in the generally hideous The Stepford Wives. StinkyLulu found Glennie's hilarious work to be the only thing that almost made sense in an otherwise apoplectically confused film.
...the breakout Sharon Warren in Ray. In her film debut, NOT ONLY did Ms. Warren stand out in a film lousy with really good supporting performances (hello Aunjanue Ellis & Regina King) clustered around Jamie Foxx's superstarmaking work BUT ALSO she did so entirely in flashback. You try that.
...the ensemble of Cherry Jones-Sigourney Weaver-Celia Weston in The Village. These three theatre vets just acted their balls off in this gimmicky piece of cinematic pifffle. Shows just how good acting sans-botox can be.
...the ineffable Darryl Hannah in Kill Bill Vol. 2 & Silver City. Adding to her recent list of heart-stopping performances, StinkyLulu declares that Ms. Hannah is now totally in that most magical zone -- the "Who KNEW?!" Zone... StinkyLulu loves it when that happens.
...and, finally, a tie for the forgotten ensemble members -- Jada Pinkett Smith in Collateral & Sandra Oh in Sideways. These women gave funny, real & interesting performances, totally essential to the powerhouse acting ensembles of which they were a part, yet they have both been nearly forgotten in all the hooha. More substantially, each woman created a character thorougly deserving of her own sequel -- just imagine.

So the LULUs have begun....
Hold on to your handbags!

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criticlasm said...

Holy cow, batman! I didn't know that both Cheryy Jones and Celia Weston were in the Village!! I guess I have to rent it now. Talk about the Kathy Bates Effect.