To Dos Day

___ Item 1:
WELCOME another actressexual to the fold.

James Henry over at Rants of a Diva inaugurates his new series (Oscar Cockfights/ Oscar Bitchfights) today with an entry on the leading ladies of 1939. It's a worthy homage to a great year in actressing!

___ Item 2:
QUESTION StinkyLulu (or vice versa).

Lil Lulu just had such a nifty time answering GayProf's 5 Questions. So much so that StinkyLulu's craving more...more...MORE!!! So, lovely reader, whether you want to ask or would prefer for StinkyLulu to do the asking, Lu's ready for some serious querying. Holler & we'll start the nosiness!

___ Item 3:
CONTEMPLATE the inanities.

Elis decry ban on stage weapon use & Stage Fright

___ Item 4:
REVEL in the existential cinematic glory...
...of Nathaniel's awe-inspiring 20:07 series (complete with able assists by JA).

___ Item 5:
PRAY for all the academented.

At this very moment, the current school year is lurching ...wheezing ...staggering ...hurtling ...screeching ...gasping ...grasping ...convulsing ...to its annual halt. So, please toss your best lovin' vibes to all StinkyLulu's comrades toiling in the roiling pits of academentia. Throw some traffic, too, if you're so inclined. StinkyLulu's academented sorority includes: Nick, girish, GayProf, Middento, Queering The Apparatus, Rants of a Diva, In Which Our Hero, Dr.S, Afrofuturist, Your Mom & Sarcasm In A Light Cream Sauce. (Whew. Did I miss anyone?)

___ Item 6:
READY yourself for April's Supporting Actress Smackdown.

Sunday morning brings the festivities of April's Big80s Smackdown! Featuring a tres intime gathering of Smackdowners (just Ken, Catherine & StinkyLulu it seems) who'll certainly rock that casbah. And Monday brings the announcement of next month's roster (voting continues at right until late Sunday). It's a giddy giddy time...

Have at it, lovelies...


Keith said...

All of my toiling is done in the world of public libraries, not academia. I often find myself missing my college years, though, and wish I had the time and money to go back.

James Henry said...

Thanks for the shout outs!

criticlasm said...

Go ahead, ask me then. :)

StinkyLulu said...

sorry, keith -- consider yourself honorarily academented...

your mom said...

I'll ask you mine if you ask me yours.