StinkyLulu Answers 5 Questions from GayProf

GayProf recently posted a cool little interview thing on his blog, Center of Gravitas. In it, he answered 5 questions posed to him by a blog buddy (TornWordo). In turn, GayProf offered to ask 5 questions of any blogger inclined to talk about themselves. (Like any bloggers would get into something like that!)

But StinkyLulu couldn't resist the invitation...

GayProf (L) asks StinkyLulu (R)...

1. We share a common link in New Mexico. Do you think that living in New Mexico provides a different perspective about the United States? Explain.
When I was a kid, my folks, sister and I lived in the Middle East. Every time I met another "expat" kid, we'd greet each other with an easy patter of questions.

"Where are you from?"
"The States."
"Yeah, me too. What state?"

At which point, my answer of "New Mexico" would -- seven or eight times out of ten -- be rebuffed with the accusation: "I thought you said you were from The States!"

The exchange happened so many times it became like my own vaudeville routine.

My "expat" peers were kids my age -- between 9 and 15 years old -- so their naïve questions might be attributed to the idiocies of youth. But this response, this shocked disbelief that this "New Mexico" place is part of these United States remains a remarkably consistent reaction from folks, regardless of age or education. Nuevomexicanos know the drill. Questions about passports. Comments about favorite Spring Breaky resort towns. Folks on the phone offering to "transfer you to the international help line" or gently reminding you that "we do not ship outside of the United States." And, my favorite, perhaps the most subliminal -- friends and associates I've known for decades, world travelers with fancy degrees, asking "how's everything in Arizona?"

All of which is to say: being from New Mexico means being both a part of and apart from the United States. We're on the U.S. border. We eat chile, not chili. We're in the forgotten time zone. We've never been "English only." We've got a history that goes back centuries. (My family's lived in New Mexico since it was part of Spain, while it was part of Mexico and now that it's part of the United States.) We're not an island like Puerto Rico or Hawaii, but we're almost as remote, as foreign, as exotic.

So, yeah: New Mexico affords a different view on U.S. culture and U.S history. Indeed, being from New Mexico is I think a big part of why I became a U.S. cultural historian.
2. Suppose you could remake any movie or television program with an all gay-male cast. Which one would it be and why?

Imagine the possibilities...
3. Recently, you stated that you might move to a midwestern locale. What prompts this move? If you aren’t moving, why not?
I've been offered a dream job in a prestigious department at Massive Midwestern University. It seems I also have an offer of a comparably dreamy but totally different gig at the flagship school of my homeland. I'm inclined to accept both, mostly because I'm greedy that way, but that'd be way too much work and a nightmare commute. So, as Julia Sugarbaker might say, that puts me on the horns of a dilemma...

(If any of you lovely readers are blessed with gifts of divination, foresight or other witchery, I sincerely welcome any and all guidance as I make this decision in the next days.)
4. What question do you wish people would ask you in real life or on the blog, but never do? How would you answer?
"Would it be ok if I bought you a really nifty gift? Every couple weeks?"

I would, of course, smile -- shyly, warmly, genuinely -- and answer, "If it's what you want to do..."

I do like making people happy.
I also like presents.
5. Why do you worship and/or adore GayProf?
The fact of your prized possession:
Your NRFB Mego Wonder Woman Doll.
* * * * *

Thanks for asking, GayProf!

And, lovely reader, if you would like for StinkyLulu to be an inquiring mind & ask you 5 questions, just holler. StinkyLulu's real nosy that way... (And, of course, should you have 5 questions of your own to ask StinkyLu, send them along...)


GayProf said...

When in grad school in Indiana, I went to apply for a passport. The official didn't want to accept my birth certificate because it was from "Mexico." He was particularly concerned because it was in both English and Spanish.

Oh, that is a tough choice on the job front! If we are at the same Massive Midwestern University, we could "hang" together. Then again, I would have really liked the chance to return to NM (though UNM has some bad politics). Sorry, I have no advice.

Thanks for playing. . .

StinkyLulu said...

Thank you! Your questions were tough, but fun...

I like this game.


did i read this correctly talk about burying the lead! but you have two new job offers?!?