To Do List Tuesdays

___ Item 1:
REFLECT on the viciousness of sudden violence.

30 or so young adults this week in Virginia. 60 or so US Service folk (also mostly young adults) just last month. 500 or so Iraqi civilians just last week. S'all so so sad...

___ Item 2:
PONDER unlikely insights.

Andrew Sullivan (of all people) offers the most lucid parsing of the Imus mess.

___ Item 3:
RELISH unintended ironies.

StinkyLulu's choice of theme song for the current administration, "The Devil Is A Liar". (It's really a must-see. A Pentecostal family band rockin' the county fair. Good Times. Or End Times. You decide.) (h/t One D At A Time)

___ Item 4:
ASSESS unanticipated delights.
Yes, we're talking about Charm School and Shear Genius, StinkyLulu's new favorite realities. Watch for yourself: SG & CS. Then, just try and explain to StinkyLulu why these new shows are so much fun.

___ Item 5:
QUAKE at the prospect of a film version of Nine.

Now comes the harder task. Are you quaking with giddy delight? Or mortal terror?

___ Item 6:
NOMINATE yourself for April's Supporting Actress Smackdown.

StinkyLulu's still one Smackdowner short for April's Smackdown. Do you have what it takes to take on the Big 80s with Ken, Catherine & StinkyLulu? If so, holler & we'll go from there...

Have at it, lovelies...

1 comment:

Marius said...

I agree with Andrew Sullivan—America is changing. I’m glad the suits at CBS decided to fire him. It sends a clear message that certain inappropriate comments should not be disseminated to millions of people. This issue is complicated because I’m against censorship, but we do need to establish some limits.

Also, I love Shear Genus. There are so many colorful characters on the show. Rene is fabulous and gorgeous. Jacklyn is still lovely after all these years. Theodore has been called the gay Frodo by some bloggers. And, last but not least, we have Dr. Boogie. I am in awe of his gayness.