Why Does Lulu Love Lieutenant Jim Dangle So?

StinkyLulu needed a serious brain break this afternoon & so 'twas a perfect time to sneak off 'n snag a stealth mid-week screening of Reno 911: Miami. As might be expected, the flick's unrelentingly, unrepentantly idiotic. (And graciously brief.) But despite the giddy delights of Paul Rudd's latin flava, not to mention the genuine genius of Niecy Nash's fearless butt fakery, putting aside for now the twistyfreakafreaka surprises of the Terry storyline... Despite all 'dat, 'twas all about The Dangle. I don't know why. BUT StinkyLulu does just love Thomas Lennon's uncommonly gay/ish character. With the shortshorts...the highlights...the moustache comb and aviator shades...the myriad mancrushes. Jim Dangle's an old-school Gay Macho bumbling in a New Metrosexual Millenium. But jeepers - StinkyLulu just can't get enough of The Dangle...

Is that so wrong?


J.J. said...

I can't get enough either.


And click on the video.

StinkyLulu said...

Thanks for that link.
The video's a hoot.

And is that you?

santha said...

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