Supporting Actress Smackdown - 2006

So, my dear little moviefreaks, anyone wanna do a Smackdown for this year's roster of Supporting Actress Nominees nominees?
Even though StinkyLulu's a little swamped with other things, the plan is to start working up profiles of this year's nominees (ala Sunday profiles). And it's starting to seem to make sense to do a Smackdown for 2006. Lu's late timing means -- alas -- that the Smackdown will go need to go up on the Sunday of the actual awards, thus joining the Oscar-blogging traffic jam. But it should be fun to see how this year's roster stacks up in a SmackDown...

Potential SmackDowners must meet the following criteria:
  • Have their own blog.
  • Have seen all five of the nominees in their nominated performances.
  • Be able to write a zingy 40-word blurb on each of the performances.
  • Be able to meet the "crack of dawn" Sunday 2/25 deadline.
And at this point, StinkyLulu's not sure how the "selection" of SmackDowners will happen. Or how many will be invited. It'll depend on the amount of interest that emerges. (Likewise, veteran SmackDowners are not guaranteed their usual slots and should indicate their interest along with everyone else.)

So, if you're interested, give StinkyLulu a holler.

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