"Let's Face The Chicken Gumbo & Dance"

Well, lovely reader, StinkyLulu's back from a coupla days here, a coupla days there, and a coupla days travelin' from there to here with knock-out fever. So "back" is relative. (Plus it's off to another there in a coupla more days.) Regular posting will resume as soon as possible...

In the meantime, keep yourself warm with the following treat:
click image to be routed to video

And a possible question to take up in comments:
How does one describe Ann Miller?


Nick Davis said...

UIUC!!!!! xoxo. N

criticlasm said...

um....crazy? She was amazing and fierce. And the soup ended up giving people botchelism and had to be pulled from the shelves. I love the lyric "it's the soup that's good enough to eat." Hee.

StinkyLulu said...

How did you know about the botulism?

Ann Miller Causes Botulism!

There seems to have been a fairly famous FDA case study of botulism due to "Bon Vivant Vichyssoise"... (Wonder who their spokesmodel was.)