Canadian Ken's 500 Films

Quick post from the balmy Chicago airport:

Canadian Ken's got a new series up:
His 500 Favorite Films.
It's worth noting that the first 400 are from before 1964.
I'm still reeling from the very idea.

But it's truly an amazing list.
Ken frames it as an autobiography ala ciné and it provides a magical portrait of Lulu's favorite northern filmfreak. It also provides yet another reminder of how idiosyncratically incomplete Lulu's own film history is...

So, lovely reader, here's the plan:
Go over to Canadian Ken's & do your personal tally for each of the posts. For example - first, I'm agonna count how many movies I've seen from each list. Then, I might make a wish list of the movies I wanna see. Do what you will, lovely reader, but do it in comments over at Ken's.

Consider yourself officially tagged.

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