Who's That Girl?: Naomi Snieckus

It's really not that often that StinkyLulu gets all hopped up about a performer that Lu's only ever seen in a commercial or two. (Well, that's not entirely true. Happened pretty recently when StinkyLulu became sorta obsessed with T-Mobile's caffeinated cheerleader played by Laura Ortiz.) But it's started happening again because, in this new Fall season, Lulu's convinced that one of the funniest women currently on television just happens to be...

If you know Naomi Snieckus at all, you most likely (A) are a follower of Toronto's Second City troupe or -- like Lulu -- (B) have noticed Ms. Snieckus on one of the handful of commercials she's currently got in rotation on U.S. television.

Naomi Snieckus' most ubiquitous current ad is for Verizon. In it, she plays Susan, a city gal stopped on her way into or out of her urban office by some doof of a guy who's trying to make a love connection. She anxiously rebuffs him, blaming his lost calls on her bad cell phone -- "service is unreliable, arggh!" -- before that army of Verizon folks reveals themselves. For reasons obscure, Snieckus' "arggh" cracks Lulu up every time. But, even better, Snieckus is actually funnier in a Lean Cuisine ad that Lu's caught only a few times. She's one of a crew of clockwatching office-slaves, doing that Lean Cuisine thing of comparing what they've eaten. Snieckus delivers a couple lines peering over a cubicle partition. ("I'm going to scavenge the break room for bagels...You should come?" and "I'm going to eat my keyboard.") Boy howdy. As they say: "That girl is funny...she should be on television!"

So, cross your collective fingers, lovely readers, that Naomi Snieckus can snag a few more roles (hopefully in projects longer than 30 seconds) because Miss Naomi seems to hold great promise of becoming a brilliant actress at the edges...

(Thanks much to the nice community of folks at Answerbag.com
for helping StinkyLulu find Naomi Snieckus' name.)

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