Cast Your Vote for NOVEMBER's "Supporting Actress Sundays"

After a StinkyLulu's birthday-present-to-self of October's 1982 roster, the decision-making power is back in your hands, lovely reader. At long last, once again, you hold StinkyLulu's home-movie fate (as well as the screening schedule of Smackdown fans everywhere) in your hands. (And yes it's a little early but things are busy for lil Lulu over the next few so there.)
So, do tell...

What year deserves the focus
for November's month of
Supporting Actress Sundays?

Your nominees for November are:
  • 1938: Fay Bainter in Jezebel, Beulah Bondi in Of Human Hearts, Billie Burke in Merrily We Live, Spring Byington in You Can't Take it With You, Miliza Korjus in The Great Waltz.
  • 1947: Ethel Barrymore in The Paradine Case, Gloria Grahame in Crossfire, Celeste Holm in Gentleman's Agreement, Marjorie Main in The Egg and I, Anne Revere in Gentleman's Agreement.
  • 1956: Mildred Dunnock in Baby Doll, Eileen Heckart in The Bad Seed, Dorothy Malone in Written on the Wind, Mercedes McCambridge in Giant, Patty McCormack in The Bad Seed.
  • 1965: Ruth Gordon in Inside Daisy Clover, Joyce Redman in Othello, Maggie Smith in Othello, Shelley Winters in A Patch of Blue, Peggy Wood in The Sound of Music.
  • 1974: Ingrid Bergman in Murder on the Orient Express, Valentina Cortese in Day for Night, Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles, Diane Ladd in Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Talia Shire in The Godfather, Part II.
  • 1983: Cher in Silkwood, Glenn Close in The Big Chill, Linda Hunt in The Year of Living Dangerously, Amy Irving in Yentl, Alfre Woodard in Cross Creek
  • 1992: Judy Davis in Husbands and Wives, Joan Plowright in Enchanted April, Vanessa Redgrave in Howards End, Miranda Richardson in Damage, Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny.

NOVEMBER's Month of Supporting Actress Sundays

What year's roster of Supporting Actress nominees should StinkyLulu (and the Smackdowners) focus on for November?


Current Results

Your decision will be determined no later than the morning of October 29, the day of the 1982 SMACKDOWN. (That allows for a few weeks of tricksy voting schemes, attack ads, and shady electioneering.) Cast your vote using the poll mechanism above. Opinions expressed in comments will only be considered in the not uncommon event of a tie.

SO: Vote early. Vote often. Vote now. Just vote.


criticlasm said...

This one will take a while. The richness of 1956 and 1965--I would love to hear about Maggie Smith in Othello and Shelley Winters in A Patch of Blue and Ruth Gordon, but then there's Dorothy Malone in one of my fave perfs ever with Mercedes McCambridge and Eileen Heckart in the same year--and Baby Doll! I see 1974 is winning so far, and that one is very full as well--Madeline Kahn! Dianne Ladd! Talia Shire--oh, oops. Choices, choices, choices!

criticlasm said...

I do have to say i would love to hear about the Marisa Tomei year from everyone at some point. That one was incredible.

StinkyLulu said...

Yeah. I'm very excited about 4 of the 7 seven years this time 'round. The smackdown hasn't done anything from the 1970s yet, though we've hit every other decade, and the movies for 1974 are great. 1992 remains one of the more legendary years in the category. For sheer camp cultural capital, you can't been 1956. And 1947 has three movies I've been meaning to see forever...

So -- 't looks like a goodie.

newland said...

The chosen must be 1992! I need to know everybody's opinion on Marisa Tomei... :-p