Remembering Carlos Esquibel (October 9, 1968-October 24, 2005)

Dear Lovely Readers,

The vibe here at StinkyLulu will be a little different for the next couple days. See, it was a year ago today/tomorrow that The Stinkys' beloved friend, Carlos Esquibel, was murdered in his ABQ home. And now, despite ongoing and aggressive detective work by the APD, Carlos' murderer/s remain at large.

So, as a tiny tribute, StinkyLulu's devoted this blog-space (for the next day or so) for all those in Carlos' vast circle/s of friends to share this sad anniversary. Posts from MrStinky and Holly follow this message, and StinkyLulu will likely offer something on Tuesday. If you would like to add something, please email it & StinkyLulu'll get it posted ASAP.

And for most of you lovely readers who did not know Carlos, thanks for witnessing this. Some of you may be sadly familiar with the strange journey that begins when a beloved dies so suddenly, so violently, so tragically. The lessons and blessings along this path are indeed curious. But do share your love with your beloveds, today, lovely reader. And if you're inclined to such things, consider lighting a candle in prayer...whether for Carlos or for any in your heart's circle.

Blessings, dear ones.

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