Sharing... (AKA StinkyLulu's in The Alibi)

MrStinky just called with an alert that StinkyLulu's first print media "shout out" just hit the free-paper stands at your finer eateries, bus stops and porn stores throughout the ABQ. It's one of those little blurbs about "Local Bloggers" and it appears in this week's issue of ABQ's preeminent alternative freebie rag, The Weekly ALIBI (for which Lulu worked as a delivery wench for Lu's first year or so back in the 'querque.)

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On first glance the featurette seems to be merely to be this paragraph leading into a reprint of the list of ABQ bloggers originally developed by the divas at the indispensable DukeCityFix (a list which seems to have been exported to other area papers and websites with verve). But then scanning down the list, it seems there's bits of mildly snarky editorializing on each blog, including...

Sharing? Sounds suspiciously like kindergarten. But 'spose it's true. StinkyLulu does love sharing the love. So, thanks, Alibi, for the nod. And Alibi readers? Welcome to StinkyLulu's world. Be sure to rummage for a bit. There's plenty to go around...

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