If StinkyLulu opened a restaurant...

A lazy day today, winding down and settling in after the weekend of academented adventuring in Chi-town. Almost forgot about a scheduled phone appointment with the research department of StinkyLulu's most favorite magazine. 'Twas brief -- just one of those things where they gather a group of current subscribers to do some test-marketing of magazine features but one of the questions turned out to be a surprise:

If you had whatever money you needed,
what kind of restaurant/club would you open?

The question caused StinkyLulu a brief "duh" moment, before the answer arrived as a bolt of true inspiration:

Grilled Cheese Store

click pic for image source

Of course, the classic grilled sandwich would be the main item on the menu, with all the relevant variants (velveeta & cheddar & gourmet; full fat & no fat; w/ & w/o bacon or avocado or apple or tomato; fancy bread & wonder; etc) available for adventure and comfort. But the real fun of the restaurant would be the "grilled cheeses" from many lands. Margherita pizzas. Quesadillas. Pupusas. Arepas. Bagels with Cream Cheese (toasted) -- bialys too. Paneer Samosas (with potato or spinach). Spanokopita. Of course, there'd be a special little menu of fake-cheese, for the dairy-intolerant. And a very limited fondue menu, for the freaks that like that sort of thing. The list can, should & certainly would go on and on and on... (Haven't even considered grilled cheese desserts!!!)

Yum. Happy thoughts.

But what, lovely reader, would your restaurant/club be???


Criticlasm said...

I don't know, but I think you should open yours. And have a really spectacular mac & cheese as well. "freaks that like that sort of thing. " hee hee.

RC said...

i'm not sure what I would open, but I'd definitly stop in for a grilled cheese...please say I have an extensive choices of braed...

How about a 5-cheese blend on Sourdough, with a side of BBQ sauce.

Yummy...thank you.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com