6 Things Lulu's Loved In The 312

Since Thursday, StinkyLulu's been in Chicago, roiling in the greasy pit of academentia. So much blah-blah-blah in the air; startlingly dramatic academons around every corner. All of which gets in the way of the blogging, que no. But, lovely reader, StinkyLulu missed you. So please accept -- as a mere token -- the following...
6 Things Lulu's Loved In The 312
in no particular order

Lulu's just loved...
1. Screening Little Miss Sunshine (& enjoying its amazing cast) with
2. Nick -- who is just as sweet, charming, handsome & smartysmartsmart as everyone says -- & who introduced Lulu to
3. The Blog Widow, a deliciously sassy conversationalist, not unlike
4. Lulu's super-scintillating roommate, Sheepdog, with whom Lulu shared many deep thoughts as well as
5. a delightfully frigid hotel room, in the same voluptuous hotel where
6. Karen Finley performed on Saturday night.

FYI - Supporting Actress Sundays will be back soon, probably Wednesday, with a discussion of The Miracle Worker... Apologies for the delay...


Nick Davis said...

xox - right back at you, babe.


i'm so jealous y'all got to meet first.