Cast Your Vote for SEPTEMBER's "Supporting Actress Sunday" Feature

It's that time again, lovely reader -- that time each month wherein you hold StinkyLulu's home-movie fate in your hands. (Not to mention the screening schedule for your inveterate SmackDowners...) So, whaddaya think?

What year deserves the focus
for September's month of
Supporting Actress Sundays?

Your nominees for September are:
  • 1936: Beulah Bondi in The Gorgeous Hussy • Alice Brady in My Man Godfrey • Bonita Granville in These Three • Maria Ouspenskaya in Dodsworth • Gale Sondergaard in Anthony Adverse
  • 1945: Eve Arden in Mildred Pierce • Ann Blyth in Mildred Pierce • Angela Lansbury in The Picture of Dorian Gray • Joan Lorring in The Corn Is Green • Anne Revere in National Velvet
  • 1954: Nina Foch in Executive Suite • Katy Jurado in Broken Lance • Eva Marie Saint in On The Waterfront • Jan Sterling in The High and the Mighty • Claire Trevor in The High and the Mighty
  • 1963: Diane Cilento in Tom Jones • Edith Evans in Tom Jones • Joyce Redman in Tom Jones • Margaret Rutherford in The V.I.P.'s • Lilia Skala in Lilies of the Field
  • 1972: Jeannie Berlin in The Heartbreak Kid • Eileen Heckart in Butterflies Are Free • Geraldine Page in Pete 'n' Tillie • Susan Tyrrell in Fat City • Shelley Winters in The Poseidon Adventure
  • 1981: Melinda Dillon in Absence of Malice • Jane Fonda in On Golden Pond • Joan Hackett in Only When I Laugh • Elizabeth McGovern in Ragtime • Maureen Stapleton in Reds
  • 1990: Annette Bening in The Grifters • Lorraine Bracco in GoodFellas • Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost • Diane Ladd in Wild at Heart • Mary McDonnell in Dances With Wolves
Your decision will be determined no later than the morning of August 30, the Wednesday after the 1962 SMACKDOWN (Sunday, August 27 -- mark your calendars). That gives about 2 weeks for tricksy voting schemes and assorted electioneering. Vote using the poll mechanism below. Opinions expressed in comments will only be considered in the not uncommon event of a tie.

Vote early. Vote often. Vote now.
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FYI: To date, the Smackdowners have delved into 1942, 1958, 1961, 1962 (ongoing), and 1996. That leaves the excellent period of the later 1940s and early 1950s untouched, while also completely neglecting the 1970s and 1980s. StinkyLulu loves the unexpected adventures that have followed your votes, but it's coming time for some historical diversity! (BTW - A little birdie tells Lulu that there will be no reader vote for October's roster & that the Smackdowners will excavate 1982.) So make your September vote interesting, lovely reader... The Smackdown's ready to mix things up!

SEPTEMBER's Month of Supporting Actress Sundays

What year's nominees should we discuss during SEPTEMBER's Month of Supporting Actress Sundays?

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Nick Davis said...

Can I make a heartfelt plea for 1936? It's when Supporting Actressing began, and I'd love an excuse to watch These Three so soon after we all just saw The Children's Hour. Plus, I've been dying to see Dodsworth. And was there ever a better title than The Gorgeous Hussy??

1936. You know you want it, too.


i'm partial to either 1936 (any excuse to get everyone to watch Dodsworth which always gets my vote for most underseen 30s wonder) or 1972 (ahhhh, '72... how i love you. you give me Cabaret. you give me agguire the wrath of god you give me the discreet charm of the bourgeousie. you give me harold and maude *sigh*)

the 1990 lineup has one of my fav performances in the past 20 years BUT it also has dull as paint drying dances with wolves

Vertigo's Psycho said...

I'll go with 1936, although I'll enjoy watching how well Shelley stays afloat in the 1972 race, and would also be curious to see how the 1945 race plays out, with Lansbury at her best up against the nastiest teenager/most ungrateful, self-centered daughter/snootiest sister/vainest lover (Boyfriend rejects you? Kill the bastard for his lack of good taste!) in film history. I'll let you guess whom I'm referring to.

I think These Three outplays Children's Hour, as the entire cast of Three is great and, as Rosalie, the un-nominated Marcia Mae Jones gives a dramatic performance at least the equal of costar Granville's and just about any other Best Supporting Actress nominee of the last seventy years.

IMO, with her quavering sensitivity and outbursts of hysteria, Jones offers one of the most vivid and realistic portrayals of a tormented soul I've ever seen on film- there's absolutely no artifice in her brilliant delineation of Rosalie's plight, and she's so unnerving and believable in her big scenes that, upon viewing the film with my sister, my concerned sibling turned to me about the time the emotionally unhinged Rosalie (under threat of blackmail) was shrieking "I said it!! I said it!!" and commented, "They shouldn't put children through something like this."

Nathaniel, as a Dodsworth obsessie, do you know (alluding to Stinky Lulu's post on short Supporting Actress performances) how much screen time Ouspenskaya gets in the film? I don't recall her showing up for long in this one or in Love Affair, but I haven't seen Dodsworth in years (loved it, but These Three is my 1936 William Wyler baby).

par3182 said...

i voted for 1981 as i saw all those performances back in the day and can barely recall any of them (jane fonda doing a backflip is all that comes to mind) so i'd appreciate a reminder.

i'd be happy with 1945 (eve arden! angela lansbury!) or 1990, but i'm boycotting 1972 as the best supporting actress of that year (vivian pickles in harold and maude) wasn't even nominated.

The Bloody Red Carpet said...

1936 - Of course! Let's go back to where it all began! We simply adore Beulah, Alice, Bonita, Maria and the eventual winner Gale. As lifelong devotees of the Oscars and Film, we applaud any excuse to watch "My Man Godfrey", "These Three" and the sublime "Dodsworth".